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TPLITax Planning With Life Insurance

(Thomson-Reuters/WG&L) (with Stephan Leimberg)


Tax Planning for Family Wealth TransfersTax Planning for Family Wealth Transfers During Life
(Thomson-Reuters/ WG&L)



Tax Planning for Family Wealth Transfers At DeathPTAD_p

(Thomson-Reuters/ WG&L)


GSTP-SK_tGeneration-Skipping Transfer Taxes: Analysis and Forms

(Thomson-Reuters/WG&L) (with Carol Harrington, Julie Kwon, & Lloyd Leva Plaine)



SBSA-SK_tStructuring Buy-Sell Agreements

(Thomson-Reuters/WG&L) (with Farhad Aghdami & Mary Ann Mancini)



SEFP-SK_tStructuring Estate Freezes After Chapter 14

(Thomson-Reuters/WG&L) (with Ronald Aucutt)



FIET-SK_tFederal Income Taxation of Estates and Trusts

(Thomson-Reuters/ WG&L) (with Profs. Robert Danforth & Norman Lane);